Meg Adams

Breathwork Practitioner


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My Mission

In a world built upon distraction, I intend to allow the experience of presence in the body by tuning into your innate wisdom, through guided breath, visualization, and trauma-informed support as you break-through your blockages, at your own pace, on your own timeline.

What I Do

Those who serve often go unheard, unseen, and unsupported. Rediscovering Breathwork provides a space for those who hold others to be held, nourished and seen.

Who Benefits

While Rediscovering Breathwork is for everyone, this process most effectively impacts those who lead, guide, and pour into others. You deserve to drink from your own well too.

My Approach

Together, we will hold a space – and safe container – for you to feel, explore, release through grounded, rooted and accessible, visualizations, breathwork, and open discussion.

You will acquaint yourself with the inner narrator, while granting yourself permission to rewrite the narrative.

Through Rediscovering Breathwork you will break through the barrier and get to the root of your bodily dialogue – at your own pace.


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